The Chakras

What you need to know about your Chakras

  • Crown Chakra

    This is the 7th Chakra

    Sanskrit Name: Sasasrara

    Meaning: "thousand" 

    Color: Purple or White 

    Location: Top of the head 

    Element: Thought of God 

    Ruling Planet: Uranus 

    Tarot Suit: The entire Major Arcana (the 22 dominant Tarot Cards in a standard deck)

    This Chakra is about Spirituality, Connection to higher power, "seeing the bigger picture" 

  • Third Eye Chakra

    This is the 6th Chakra

    Sanskrit Name: Ajna 

    Meaning: understanding and commanding 

    Crystal : Amethyst, flourite, Star sapphire, azurite, alexandrite 

    Color: Deep Indigo Blue 

    Location: Center of the forehead 1 inch above the brow line 

    Element: Light

    Body: Celestial

    Zodiac Sign: Capricorn and Sagittarius

    Tarot Suit: Swords

    Sense: Intuition 

    Ruling Planet: Saturn or the Sun 

    This Chakra is about intuition, perception, Inner wisdom, dreams 

    Associated with the following areas, Pineal Glands, Carotid Nerve Plexus 

  • Throat Chakra

    This is the 5th Chakra

    Sanskrit Name: Vissudha 

    Meaning: Purity 

    Color Bright Blue 

    Location: Behind throat at the base of the neck. 

    Element: Space or Ether 

    Body: Etheric 

    Zodiac Sign: Aquarius and Scorpio 

    Tarot Suit: Wands 

    Sense: Ears 

    Ruling Planet: Jupiter or Mercury 

    This Chakra is about communication, speaking the truth, Ability to listen and Manifestation Associated with the following areas thyroid gland, throat, trachea 

  • Heart Chakra

    This is the 4th Chakra

    Sanskrit Name: Anahata 

    Meaning: Intact or Unstuck

    Color: Green

    Loation: Behind the heart 

    Element: Air 

    Body: Astral 

    Zodiac Sign: Pisces and Libra 

    Tarot Suit: Swords 

    Sense: Touch 

    Ruling Planet: Venus 

    This Chakra is about Love, compassion, empathy, kindness the love for self, peace within 

  • Solar Plexus Chakra

    This is the 3rd Chakra

    More Info coming soon!

  • Sacral Chakra

    This is the 2nd Chakra

    Sanskrit Name: Svadhisthana 

    Meaning: The dwelling place of the self 

    Crystal: Carnelian, coral, amber and other orange stones 

    Location: Just below the navel 

    Element: Water 

    Body: Emotional

    Zodiac Sign: Taurus and Leo 

    Tarot Suit: Cups 

    Sense: Taste 

    Ruling Planet: Mercury, Jupiter or the moon 

    This Chakra is about emotions, passion, sexuality, creativity 

    The old phrase listen to your gut! 

    Associated with the following areas 

    Low back pain bladder, menstrual, reproductive organs and fertility 

  • Root Chakra

    This is the first Chakra

    Sanskrit Name: Muludhara 

    Crystal: Ruby, bloodstone, garnet 

    Meaning: Root 

    Color: Red 

    Location: Base of the spine 

    Element: Earth 

    Body: Physical 

    Zodiac Sign: Gemini and Cancer 

    Tarot Suit: Pentacles 

    Sense: Smell 

    Ruling Planet: Mars, Saturn, Earth 

    This Chakra is about our survival feeling safe and grounded in our lives/bodies

    Associated with the following areas feet, legs bones 

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