Infinite Balance Energy Healing 

Hi my name is Rita and I am a Bio Energy Healer. As for back as I can remember I have always felt energy it my intuition has been strong as well. I love to travel and see adventures that the world has to offer from a small village in Thailand to missionary work with children in Brazil I just love to help others and see them embrace their best self from within. 

One of the main complaints people have is they don't have enough energy and that can be contributed to having blocked energy within their bodies. 


Rita, Bio Energy Healer

I studied Reiki many years ago and then Bio Energy and I just knew that at that moment I was meant to do this. It has such a profound effect on peoples lives how could I not. I also had a shoulder ailment, back issues along with a few other other things and it has truly helped my pain immensely. 

I studied my Bio Energy in Vancouver BC and then completed my practicioner diploma in Nosara Costa Rica in the most beautiful area called the blue zone where the energy there is known to have people live to be 100 yrs old the energy is so strong there.

I love helping others is the bottom line and look forward to sharing this with you and seeing you become ur best self.